Tuesday, March 15, 2011

meet virginia.

Meet virginia. by train has been stuck in my head alllllll day long. I had today off of work. Which seems like it would be a good thing, but I really would rather have the money I would get from working than having the day off. Unfortunately being a full time student makes it impossible for me to draw unemployment. Not that I’m complaining, or that I like relying on other people to pay my bills, but it would be nice if I was allowed a COUPLE weeks of such stuff, being as I have to pay for school myself. No government help. My parents will give me a couple hundred, which is appreciated, I promise, but it’s not actually enough to cover even one class, let alone full time. So I don’t always get all my bills paid, because I would like to make it through school in a relatively quick manner, and think it is a better thing to spend money on.

I also needed to work on my taxes today. Which I did! I was proud of myself for doing, but now I have to wait for my parents to file first, because we have a cap on how many state taxes can be filed under the turbo tax thingy that my parents have. Which is awesome… I’ve been waiting to file taxes for a couple months, and now my mom has been working on it since 4:30. It’s 8:10 and she still has yet to finish. Which is funny because when I asked her about it, she said she was done with everything; all she had to do was send it in. This must not be the case, because it’s consumed her since she returned home. I need to work on my patience. I just kind of need the money to pay for school this term. And possibly some of the bills that have accumulated that I have yet to pay.

I also need to lose weight. That was what my original ‘lent’ thing was going to be this year, but I decided that it is actually much more beneficial for me to give up facebook, and that maybe in the process I would become more active and eat less. Or something of the thought process. I just have such a hard time motivating myself to do anything. I feel great when I actually start getting myself into it, and really get the ball rolling, but most of the things that I have done for weight loss in the past have all been things that you pay for, classes where you are pretty much forced to take responsibility for yourself, and since I’m paying money, by God I better be benefitting from something that expensive in SOME way.

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