Wednesday, February 2, 2011

C to the S

I really am not a fan of customer service. I just spent an HOUR instant messaging a 'human' (at least that's what I was told) about an error on a site that I need to run for school. I started out explaining very clearly what the problem was. Gave the direct link to the site, and told said human what I had tried to clear it up. Now, this is honestly the first time I have ever had to instant message my way through customer service, so maybe this is the way it always goes, but 'human' started out by asking me to perform the exact tasks I just told him I did. Humoring said human, I did as I was told, took about a half hour and a restarting of my computer later, go to the site; alas, the problem still exists. Next suggestion from 'human' is to uninstall and reinstall java. Once again out of good humor, I do as the so-called human asks and uninstall/reinstall and restart my computer. Get the chat link and the website up, and low and behold the site still does not work. CRAZY! I think I said that... While this may seem like an inherent thing to be miffed about, I just lost a HOUR of homework time, trying just to get the damn site to work! Now frustrated to the point of boiling, I nicely ask what to do next if these procedures do not work. Response I receive is something to the affect of '.....' from 'human'.
Which all the more infuriates me. After about a good 3 minutes of dead air I get a response of
'I am sending your concerns to our headquarters. They may contact you via Email with a POSSIBLE solution in the morning.' in the morning. IN THE MORNING.
F'ing awesome. I hate technology. And while I have worked customer service, I know that it's mean to say, I really hate customer service...

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  1. I know what you mean. I can relate to how they are feeling or dealing with the situation but sometimes, I still just wanna kick them.