Sunday, January 30, 2011


I rather like skirts. They are so comfy and girly and pretty, and sometimes sparkley if so chosen to be. I sit here writing this instead of finishing my Spanish homework, or working on the 3 chapters of business and discussion question that I need to finish by tomorrow night. Sometimes school seems like such a daunting task to complete. I've forecasted it to take longer than two years for me to get my associates, just based on I cannot take school full time in the summer. I had taken classes in high school, but alas they do not count because they got "lost" between my high school and the college. I have decided that it will be ok if I have to take one of them over again, but I refuse to take the original over again. Based more on principal than just my general stubborn streak. I know that I am completely capable of skipping the writing completely, I do enjoy it, and I will need the credits in writing, so I may just wait until I have everything else important out of the way.

Aside from being slightly disappointed in the inner cogs and workings of the schools that I have been and currently am a part of, I feel happier than I have in a long time. I think school is good for me. I don't totally hate my job, but if I hadn't started school, I most definitely would have gone looking for a change of different sorts. It appears at some point I decided that I need variety in my life, something that my job semi lacks with its amount of repetition. School keeps things interesting, there is just enough stability having a repetitious job, that the constant change is not something that I'm having a hard time with, like I have in the past. This must be what it feels like to be growing up. It's funny really to think that I'm growing up. There is a part of me that will always kind of think that I'm 18... or 21, because I can finally go to bars with friends.

If I really kept track of the time that I wasted, I think that people would be shocked. There are people in my life that think I am just SO productive, and that it's so great that I can go to school and work full time, and still somehow find time to craft or sew things in my free time. Not that I want to burst their illusion of something, but to me, it feels like I WASTE a lot of time daydreaming. If I could sit down and do my homework all in one run, I would have so much more free time to do things like sew or workout, but instead I procrastinate, in the form of anything close to a distraction. I have a pair of grey gloves started in my purse, right next to a book I started called 'the gum thief' I'm not sure I like it, I don't really want to get pulled into an alternate reality right now, because I'm content with the real world. I have a couple cotton dishcloths started, in different colors, I started a couple "mug rugs" that I have yet to finish and a couple almost finished skirts upstairs, mainly I can't find the elastic I had for them.

There is this guy who stands on the bridge, and I feel bad every time I drive by because he has a sign that say 'work wanted'. It is so cold outside, I just don't understand his thought process really. The bridge is extra cold, because the river is high right now, and it's Stayton. If it were Salem or even a bigger town, maybe something would come of it, but we are such a small town, it just seems out of place.

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