Monday, January 24, 2011


So. I never really thought I was gonna be a blogger, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately, and it's nice to have something to procrastinate doing my homework with. What better way to procrastinate than writing! About things that may or may not matter. :)

I recovered a chair last week. It was kind of a pain. I has pictures though! I will spare you the ridiculous amount of pictures I had to go along with it, but I will show a few... :)

This thing was hideous. Like, I didn't want to touch it with my bare hands-disgusting-hideous. I got it for free at a church sale a couple years ago, and it has been sitting in my parents shop since than. We kinda threw that [fireproof I might add] fabric that I got from a friend over the top so that we could have the extra chair at our family get togethers. Anyway. I am more than certain that these people must have left it like outside in the weather or something, because it had some serious damage.

This one is actually after I stripped it down. The original 'stuffing' of sorts was SO GROSS. I believe it was actual original batting, like in cotton or something, and it was starting to like biodegrate or something. Plus there were all kinds of like weird fuzz things in there. Also the stuffing/batting that I used I'm pretty sure is stuff my sister got for me at a garage sale a couple years ago, for an entirely different project.

I am DAMN proud of this particular part of the chair. This is the first one I did, and the other one did not turn out as well as this one did. It still looks better than it did when I started. So that is good enough for me. :) anddd.... apparently I only have an action shot of the chair. Whatever. All in all, I think this took about like 6 hours or so. The entire time I was working on it, I was listening to Tom Petty [can I get a hell yeah?] who has so much music, I think I only repeated a couple songs. Pretty amazing, I think.
See ya'll next time I need to procrastinate. :)

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